Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's That I Smell??

That's right a SWEEP!!!

I love a good sweep, but I love it even more when it's the White Sux that we sweep! Pretty sure out of the 9 games I have been to this season, that was the BEST game I have been to!

Part of my superstition was actually saying, or in this case typing, the word sweep before it actually happened. I learned my lesson last season when I would say it before it would actually happened and I vowed to not do that again. The other one is still in tact with tonight's win which I will tell everyone about (make fun if you want) but the last 4 times I have worn my Cuddy shirt to games, we have won. So that shirt seems to be lucky for whatever reason.

I am super proud of Brian Duensing for his performance tonight. Going into the game on, what, 3 hours notice? Giving up only 3 hits, I know two of those were home runs, but still. He had two strikeouts, Betsy and I were yelling for him so loud, we think we pissed the people off in front of us. Oh well, get over it :)

I won't lie, I was a little nervous when Beckham got the base hit off Nathan and then he walked Konerko, we said he only had to face 3, but eh, he still got the save and we won so all is forgiven :)

I would have to say the biggest surprise of the game had to be Casilla. It was nice to see him step up and make big plays when we needed it the most, IE the go ahead run on the bloop single to center, I never saw that one coming, but than again he has a habit of making big plays against Chicago when we need it. I want the Alexi back from last year... let's work on that, k?

Highlights of the game:
1) Seeing Brian get the start.
2) Having amazing seats behind home plate again (thanks Amanda!)
3) Pissing the people off in front of us.
4) Watching Joe Nathan get the save (again).
5) Yelling really loud at AJ when he came into the game in the 8th, and applauding him when he got out. :)

Enjoy your day off guys, you have definitely earned it! Just remember your A game when LA comes into town this weekend!

Justin, Cuddy, GoGo and Nickie during infield

Swing Justin, swing!

His facial expressions just kill me!

Why does he have to be growing on me?!

Jason Kubel

My "baseball boyfriend" who didn't do shit tonight...

And a little Mauer for good measure (don't mind the blur in the corner, the bitch in front of me kept getting in the way.)


S.Rail said...

Brian Duensing did so well considering it was A) short notice and B)against the white sox. If any starter should get hurt, I want him as the replacement! :)

Katie said...

Most of the people that were sitting around us couldn't figure out who was pitching. They all thought it was still Frankie... pretty sure 52 ain't his number!