Thursday, July 09, 2009

I hate the Yankees...

I really do. I don't think I have ever hated a team more...well, maybe Chicago, but that rant will come this weekend :)

As a whole the last two games weren't as bad as I thought they could be. It was close. Does it suck that we lost and got swept at home? Yes. Do I wish we could have beat the Yankees once? Yes. These games were full of ups and downs, amazing plays and heartbreaking strike outs.

For example:

~ GoGo's catch on Tuesday
~ Crede's amazing diving grab last night.

~ Cuddy striking out with bases loaded last night had the big one of the biggest heart breakers of the whole series.

I was thrilled to say I was at the game last night when Joe finally got enough plate appearances to take the lead in the AL batting average. I had an amazing time with the girls last night at the game. It was a long day at work, but the amount of fun we had last night made it all worth it in the end.

Highlights of the game:
1) Seeing Joe get his plate appearances to take the lead
2) Seeing Crede's amazing catch
3) Having seats that close to the field (I hugged my boss this morning for those seats)
4) Booing the hell out of A-Rod every time he was up to bat.
5) Being at the game to see/hear this all happen in person

I was really surprised during the game today when they were talking on the radio that Joe bunted on the first pitch. Is he really that good?

A big get well soon goes out to Glen too. It's not been a good season for out pitchers.

Okay...onto the pictures:

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