Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back Into The Swing of Things

First and foremost... kudos to the Twins fans for the standing O for Buehrle when he came off the field tonight. Way to be a class act (even if it is our rivals). I won't lie, on the one hand I was pleased we broke up the no hitter, but going 45 at bats without a hit... that's pretty good.

There are so many things I could say, but I'm going to bit my tongue and not say it because I'm becoming some what superstitious. So moving on... once one of them is broken I will share with the class.

While sitting in the Dome Monday night watching the guys play, I was a little worried with Glen pitching, but he surprised me along with the entire team and pulled out a great victory. Tonight's game was no different, I think Timmy pitched a good game, I'm sad that he wasn't able to get the win, but congrats to my favorite Weeble on his first major league win.

I'm proud of the guys for playing smart baseball, I guess I could say. They are taking one game at a time, focusing on what's happen here and now and not about what's going to happen tomorrow. In my opinion this is what it takes to make it into post season, yes you have to have the constancy, but they have to play smart baseball. Make smart plays, no screw ups.

And they are doing it without our White Sox killer, Mr. Jose Morales. Won't lie, I miss him. I've always liked Jose and I hope he's called back up September 1st, when we get our extra roster spots, right along with Matty Tolbert.

"Home plate umpire Chris Guccione, back, uses two paper cups to scoop up a mouse off the turf during a baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins on Monday, July 27, 2009, in Minneapolis. Guccione got a little help from third base coach Jeff Cox. Minnesota won 4-3."

I totally don't remember that from last night... I must not have been paying as close of attention as I thought!

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Betsy said...

I don't remember the mouse either, but that's really gross!! YUCK!