Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Would We Lose?

With the trade deadline coming up and all the talk surrounding all the teams and who to get rid of and who to keep, the Twins have been keeping a pretty low profile...until lately.

With Kevin possibly being done for the season it was said that the Twins were going to hold off on trading anyone. My question is, who were they thinking of trading? Apparently it was one of our starters, my hopes would be that it wasn't Nick, Timmy or Kevin. I think we could do without Frankie and after his last few outings I think we could do without Glen.

But now that it seems our starting rotation will be safe so where does that leave us? Outfield? Infield? All of this talk has come up about Orlando Cabrera, yes another White Sox, we seemed to do okay with Crede so... But that also leaves the question, who do we lose?

Nick Punto?

Alexi Casilla?

Delmon Young?

Or someone from the farm system?

The only one in that list that I would be upset if we lost was Punto. He's the last of the original piranha's. He's a great defensive player, yes he is lacking in the offense side, but the guy can make great plays at short and 2nd.

Delmon has been hit or miss since we got him from Tampa and Alexi, while he did fine last season, has done nothing to help the team this year, except for hurt his with his sloppy defense and 0 for whatever at the plate.

Each guy on that list can have their moments of brilliance and their moments that leave you wondering what the hell just happened.

And who knows, the deadline may come and go and we could have the exact same team we have right now.

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