Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weebles Wobble

So apparently our favorite Webble, Jose Mijares, ended up going to the hospital during the game because he felt ill. My first thought after hearing that... Swine Flu. Yup, that's right, even though I hope I am not right. And really, the only reason I though that was because apparently someone from the Rangers was diagnosed with the piggy flu right after we left there. It's a little un-nerving. But like I said hopefully I am wrong.

I don't think they team needs to be dealing with that right now, especially considering the fact we're already short enough guys with injuries and some claiming to have injuries that really don't exists, but whatever.

At least we managed to get off the west coast with two wins, Swarzy picked up yet another win and believe it or not Jesse Crain actually managed to get out of an inning without giving up a run! It's a miracle!

It's time to come home guys, that and I'm tired of sitting up till midnight every night hoping and praying we can pull off a win. Everyone better bring their A game tomorrow cause there's a large group of us coming and a few of us will hunt you don't if you don't!


luckie/sarah said...

Thank you Swarzie for being awesome today and to Jesse for not getting lit up!
Yup, it was Vicente Padilla (pitched the 1st game out of the ASB against the Twins) who was diagnosed with swine flu. About 6 pitchers (BP and starters ) had it, along with 3 or 4 position players. The worst cases were Guardado, Francisco, and apparently, Saltalamacchia.
I hope Mijares didn't hang out too much with the Ranger boys while they were enjoying the state of Texas. Y'all had a rough enough trip out West--don't think a clubhouse illness needs to come up too! (Although the Rangers did sweep the Nation while ill...)

S.Rail said...

Haha. Mijares as a Weeble. What a sight! But he did fall down. Remember that one game (@ Tampa Bay?) when he found the ball out of the lights and caught it but fell down on the mound at the same time? haha!

Katie said...

S. Rail, I totally forgot about that game! That was classic!