Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random Stuff

So we have 106 days until opening day at Target Field, I for one, after the great Christmas snow storm, can not wait for opening day, although with out Minnesota luck we'll end up with a snow storm that day and opening day will get pushed back. The Twins moved this past week into their new home at 1 Twins Way. You know the old saying as one chapter comes to an end another starts (or something like that). It's time for a new chapter for the Minnesota Twins and as a Twins fan, I can't wait for that chapter to begin after last season.

We've said goodbye to some really great guys this off season, first with Carlos Gomez. That one really did surprise me when the announcement was made saying he was going to the Brewers and we were going to be getting JJ Hardy. Now I can't say anything bad about Hardy because I don't know anything about him. So I'm going to take the same attitude with him that I did with Crede last off season and say he needs to prove himself before I write him off or not.

I, personally, am going to miss GoGo. He was so much fun to watch out in the field and even in the dugout for that matter. I don't think he was given enough credit for what he could do. I was lucky enough to take my nephew to meet Carlos the weekend of the playoffs and even though he doesn't speak the best English, he tried to talk to each person that came through the line.

We also said good bye to Boof. The players that we had to say goodbye to this off season were players that I never thought we would lose. I figured for sure we'd get rid of Keppel before Boof. He never even got to play last year and we're just going to write him off? For what? Bobby Keppel? Mr. "I can't pitch 95% of the time"? Seriously, Smith, pull your head out.

I think it annoys me the most that now that we've made, what 2 trades, Bill Smith is sitting in his office going "Oh watch me go!" Pretty sure no one in Twins Territory will be happy again until Joe Mauer has a new contract that states he'll be here until hell freezes over.

Just remember is right around the corner :-)