Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good News/Bad News Kind of Day

The day started out with some bad (but expected) news about Nate. He has decided to go ahead with the Tommy John surgery, which means the hunt is on for a closer that can handle the pressure. I still believe Matty G to be a wonderful candidate for that role, but after listening to yesterday game and hearing Anthony Slama in the 9th, I think he could also be a great candidate for that role. It will be interesting to see in the next two weeks who Gardy and the rest of the coaching staff keep an eye on.

But despite the sad news about our Nate, everyone in Twins Territory finally got the news we've been waiting all off season for. Joe Mauer will be a Twin for another 8 years! Not excited at all if you can't tell. ;-) It will be nice to have one of the hometown boys around for another 8 years. The longer the talks went, the more concerned I became with the whole situation. There was a part of me that was starting to think he may go someplace else if they didn't get something done soon.

But thankfully, all I have to say is, take that Yankees. We got what you wanted and you can't have him :-)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No Joey Brokenness

So the news came this morning that I think shocked a lot of fans in Twins Territory, there is a chance we could spend the season minus our closer. A whole season without Joe Nathan?! Please say it ain't so!

Many will say yes please, after his performance towards the end of last season. But those of us that are faithful to the players on our team were saddened this morning of the news on Joe. I personally was not expecting it to be this bad or that the dreaded Tommy Johns surgery would be mentioned.

But now that there is a chance that the Twins will be forced to spend the season without their closer. So the Twins are forced with the question: Who will fill Joe Nathan's shoes?

I put my money on Matt Guerrier but a lot of people are saying Pat Neshak and I've even heard a few votes for Jon Rauch (please no!). I think another strong candidate could be Frankie. He's strong for one or two innings which is all we would need out of him as the closer.

The Twins have a tough decision to make before the season starts in a few short weeks. Let's just hope whoever they pick can handle the pressure and not crack.