Friday, July 31, 2009

How Can We Screw it Up More?

Pretty sure Orlando Cabrera isn't going to be the hero that Billy Smith thinks he's going to be. I don't think one guy can win a ball game and after tonight's piss poor performance, I feel bad that Cabrera has to come here and deal with this. If I am not mistaken, I thought we had a pretty good set up with Nick Punto at 2nd and Brendan Harris at short, but apparently someone didn't like that so we'll just say f*ck you both and bring in the new guy.

After watching Bobby Keppels performance tonight (if that's what you wanna call it) it's pretty clear what the Twins needed and I'm pretty sure the fans have been asking for it all season and that's pitchers. Whether it be relief or starters, we need better pitching. Plain and simple.

Here's a suggestion for next years trading season, can we trade for different GM's? I'd really like a new one. It was funny cause while at the game Wednesday night, we actually saw Bill Smith walking out from somewhere trying to make his way to his area where he watches the games and I really wanted to yell something at him, but didn't.

I'd like to have a little conversation with our favorite center fielder, GoGo. How many times does Gardy have to yell at you before you understand you have to hit the cut off man?! You don't have a bionic arm that can throw that far without it being off somewhere along the line. Blackie was ready for it... next time hit the cut off and we might stand a chance, got it?

The only positives I found in tonight's game were the diving catches by Punto and Morneau. Otherwise it was just a sucky baseball game all around.

Now the guessing game begins until they announce who is getting sent back to Rochester. My money is on Casilla, but after reading an article before the game started, they hinted towards Buscher. Young was also brought up in the talk, but with Cuddy leaving the game in the 10th inning, does that secure Young's spot on the 25-man roster? We almost need him here for cases like that.

But now after watching Twins Live, apparently Cuddy has a strained lower back, so who knows what's going to happen. Do they put him on the DL if it's bad enough and leave the roster alone or do they still send someone down? It was originally said that the roster move would happen tonight if someone didn't get hurt, coincidence? I'd like to hope not. Or are they buying time to figure out who to kick out?

This game was way too similar to the games played in the series in LA, shape up boys... cause this crap doesn't cut it.

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S.Rail said...

Brian Keppel used to be good. What happend!? He's been really bad lately...