Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twinsfest: The 2010 Edition

So in all the years that I have watched and supported the Twins, I was never able to attend Twinsfest until this year. I went yesterday along with my nephew, Betsy (For Love of The Game), and a few other friends. I had a wonderful time getting to see and meet some of the players. We were also lucky enough to run into the wonderful K-Bro (k-bro's baseball blog) and Topper from Curve For a Strike.

It was a wonderful experience and even though we were unable to go through any of the autographs lines 1) I was not paying those prices and 2) the lines were WAY too long, we were still able to meet some of the players or get pictures of most of them as you will see.

First we were able to make it through Cuddy's photo line and he was just as nice as always. Everyone should love Cuddyer, hands down the friendliest person on the team. Photo lines this year were $2 per player (they were free last year). According to the sign, all proceeds from that line were going to be sent to Haiti for the earthquake relief fund.

We were also able to meet Justin Morneau, Carl Pavano and Kevin Slowey (even though he didn't have a photo line on Saturday). As you'll be able to tell from the pictures it was a good time had by all and well worth the money.

My nephew Skyler and Cuddy

Denard Span

Jason Kubel and Matt Guerrier

Brian Duensing

JJ Hardy, pretty sure he's going to give Mauer a run in the looks department :)

This is as close to Mauer as you could get

Myself and Justin

Betsy had asked Justin to puff up his cheeks like he does when he bats, cause as you can see, Skyler does it too

Myself and Kevin Slowey :)

Skyler and Carl Pavano

Jon Rauch and Pat Neshek

Credit for this one goes to Betsy, but it's by far my favorite picture from Twinsfest :)

As post will be coming in the next couple of days with my thoughts on the two newest members of the Twins family, JJ Hardy and Jim Thome.