Sunday, May 31, 2009

Say goodbye to Tampa Bay...

At least this road series wasn't a sweep, which I was expecting. But I did think that with Tampa having 9 players on the DL we would have stood a better chance of winning more then one game. But hey, that's the Twinkie way right?

As a rule, I like/"love" all the guys on the team, but after his performance yesterday, I am not very happy with Frankie. I realize he really hasn't been himself since he had the Tommy John's surgery a couple years ago, but to openly admit that you don't know what you are doing, that you don't know what pitches to throw, to me that say's you've lost it and to Triple A you should go. It's the catchers job to call the game, don't shake off the pitches he signals. I'm pretty sure Joe and Mike know what they are doing.

But Gardy and Andy both think he can still handle it, so here is where he stays. I think he needs to go back to Triple A and Swarzy should stay in as a starter. He has been so impressive his first two starts and at only 23, he has a lot of potential in the big leagues :) Today's performance by Blackie made up for the lack luster performance last night so that's a plus.

I would love it if we could make it through a game without someone getting dinged up! Today was Cuddy, out with a sprained right index finger, yesterday was Crede, and I guess you could also say was Mauer after the beating he took behind the plate. Apparently he has bruises all up and down the inside of his thighs, one on his rib cage and one on his right leg where he fouled a pitch off it. How that man manges to win batting titles after getting beat up really says something about his performance.

And to end today on a lighter note. Kevin Slowey during yesterdays game and Denard Span's mom had to be the highlights of the weekend. Listening to Kevin yesterday while talking to Perkins was the best thing during the game. "I feel like I'm at a rave, not a baseball game." Denard's mom, she's so cute! You can tell she's so proud of her boy.

Now come on home guys, the "dome magic" is waiting for you.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the road again...

Though it might be a small road trip and then we are back home, for 3 days, I strongly feel this road trip could show us what we are going to look like for the month of June. It worries me a little because we are the worst team in the AL right now as far as road games go, I think we're 5-24 or something like that.

I know Tampa has been in a slump right now and with both Bartlett and Iwamura on the disabled list perhaps this will help the team out a little. I am a little sad though because I was looking forward to seeing Jason on this road trip, especially since it's the last time we see Tampa. We'll at least get to see Matt. I really wonder if the trade was worth it to get Delmon here. I think it would have been best to keep those two boys. Besides, it makes me miss the piranhas!

Which brings me to the schedule. Is it really necessary for the team to see the White Sox eighteen times this season? We couldn't have split that up between some other teams, like Tampa? Is someone just wanting to rub last season in our faces or what? I realize it's our biggest rival, but still, come on people, it would be nice to see some other teams.

While watching the news tonight they interviewed Red-Dog and his interview made me LOL I was curious to know what he said to the Ump to get ejected outta the game so fast today and he was just trying to prove he tagged the guy and the next thing he knew he was gone. He looked at the ump and said, "Did you just throw me out?" He couldn't believe it. To be honest, neither could I.

But we put this series behind us and focus on the long month of June ahead and putting our "dome magic" to work on the road.

.500 was fun while it lasted

Words can't explain how much I hate Boston right now.

Quite possibly as much, if not more then, Chicago.

I'm not sure how much I love giving up our DH either, but I'm surprised Red-Dog had it in him to get thrown out. I didn't think he could get that mad!

This post will not make any sense other then me just being frustrated with plays today and all the stuff that just didn't seem to go our way.

Onto Tampa, at least we get to see Matt and Jason, yes?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beating Boston...Finally

First off, because I'll admit I'm bias, congrats to Joe Mauer on being honored with the A.L. Player of the week. With a batting average of .458 and 4 home runs in the last week, it's hard to not honor him with something. The power he is putting up is amazing.

Now I'm not saying this to be cruel because it's not nice to wish anyone end up hurt, but Ryan Braun was pulled from Milwaukee's game tonight after being hit by a pitch. Now doesn't that sound familiar? I guess what goes around comes around, yes?

It was nice to see the Twins get back to the small ball tonight (with a little long ball thrown in for good measure, thank you Justin). Stealing bases, bunting, etc. LNP amazing performance tonight as well. I think this team has surprised quite a few people this year with the number of home runs they have been hitting, so it was a nice reminder that we can play small ball too.

Blackie. His performance tonight was a beautiful thing, or perhaps it was just him that was beautiful, anyway. It's nice to see our starting pitchers start to find their way again and make it 7 or 8 innings before we have to make the call to the bull pen.

Now for the real reason of tonight's post, Delmon Young. He is a young man with tremendous talent, I'm just beginning to wonder where that talent has gone this year offensive-wise. He made an incredible defensive play tonight so I'm not knocking him there and I know he's had a lot going on with the death of his mother. I know in time it will all come rushing back and he'll be hitting that ball like there is no tomorrow. Part of me just hopes it comes sooner rather then later.

Monday, May 25, 2009

First off, Happy Birthday Jason Kubel.

Secondly, I might be bias since Joe Mauer is what all my friends consider to be my baseball boyfriend, but is it just me or does this team seem to have a different attitude to it when Mauer's in the line up? Long ball, after long ball, after long ball and today it just seemed like we hit a all. Leaving too many RISP.

Prime example... 2-run homer as a pinch hitter. This goes to prove we need Mauer in the lineup. I know Gardy wants to give him a day off, but let him DH. He doesn't have to catch every single game, just like Justin doesn't have to play first every game, but at least let him DH.

Thirdly, I've been thinking about our pitching situation for when Papa Perk comes off the DL. With the way Swarzy pitched Saturday night, he's proved he's ready for the majors. Sean Henn has done really well since being called up, so has Dickey. Now really that only leaves Crain, Matty, and Ayala left to get rid of. Crain knows what to do and Matty has been amazing this season. My thought is, Ayala's got to go back to Triple A. He hasn't proven much this season.

That's my take, it may not mean much, but then again, this blog is just my thoughts.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So I decided I needed to redo this blog and use it for baseball related stuff since I'm pretty sure all my friend on LiveJournal are tired of all the baseball stuff.

So if anyone wants to see my pictures from the game last night let me know and I'll post them here too!

I never, NEVER, wanna see Joe cringe like that during a game again. My heart was in my toes.

For the love of God, we were already down Crede for getting hit in the hand by a pitch and then they hit Joe. Not cool Milwaukee!

And all I have to say is, Joe Mauer for the 2009 Batting Champ! A 437 foot homerun to right field, upper deck no less. This coming from a guy who always hits his homers to left.

And then after hitting Joe, with bases loaded, Justin with the game winning grand slam. And Scotty going 8 1/3 innings. Best outing all season.

This is the team I love, this is the team I've missed. I will never give up on this team.