Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That one hurt...

I really don't know what the hell to say about last nights game other than that was the most disgusting game I have seen in a long time. I was all set to come on here and have an exciting post full of "Wow did you see all those home runs?" (keep in mind that 3 run homer by Kubes was the 100 this season already) and "What a great game and a way to start the series!" That's going to be replaced with the following:

"What was that bullshit call at home?" (even though I went to bed when Oakland got the go ahead homer, I watched it this morning, even though I said I wasn't going to cause I knew it would piss me off again.)

"What the hell happened to our bullpen?"

"Where was Nicky's A-game?" He had 10 days off (too much rest?)

Overall we just played sloppy baseball. Our defense wasn't there, I think they were back at the hotel still sleeping. Sure the offense was there with an amazing amount of home runs, which had me smiling from ear to ear, but that smile seemed to shrink every time the A's managed to rally back and get runs the next time at bat.

Could it be blamed on lack of sleep? Yes. Could we blame that call at home by an Ump who clearly needs glasses? Yes (I have an extra pair that I will gladly loan him so he makes the correct calls tonight). But we are capable of losing a game with a lead like that all on our own, so I'm not going to give them any excuses.

The team blew this one on their own. Do I like the fact we lost, hell no, but did we deserve to lose? Yes. That wasn't clean Twins baseball last night, at least it wasn't after all the homeruns.

And to think, at the beginning of the game I felt bad for Oakland with their lack of fans and those ugly white shoes (seriously? White shoes?). But once Holliday tied it up and then the go ahead homerun as I turned off my TV, any sympathy I had went out the window.

It's game on now, take no prisoners, and all I know is the guys better ALL bring their A-game tonight because apparently Oakland means business and anything less than a win, after last night, is unacceptable.


Tricia said...

That one did hurt, but you're right...crummy ump or not, if a team can't hang on to such a big lead, it deserves to lose. And it does pain me to say that.

Katie said...

It pained me to type that, but we should have won that game with the lead we had. It's almost as though we just rolled over and played dead.