Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who hates AJ...?

My what a weekend! I do love it when the White Sox come into town and for once I finally got to see the Twins play them in person (twice in the same series no less!) Today's post is going to be a little bit different cause I'm going to try (key word: try) to break this down into each game. We'll see how well it works!


1) Getting 4 runs in the first inning in thanks to Danks forgetting what the strike zone was.
2) Going easy on the bull pen after the Yankees series.

As far as negatives go... after this weekend I don't remember much of the game, so we'll go with the two positives.


Betsy, Erin, and myself cheap seated it for this game as it was KTIS's Faith and Family night with a post game concert by Jars of Clay. It was also my first time seeing the Twins play Chicago in person.

1) Seeing Joe Crede get 2 home runs against his former team.
2) Booing AJ in person
3) Seeing Brian Duensing pitch in person (finally) and getting to meet him earlier in the day.
4) Watching the guys come from behind and fight till the end.
5) Seeing Jose Morales come out and do what he does best again the White Sox... get base hits and score runs!

1) Watching the White Sox win.
2) Watching Papa Perk do whatever that was supposed to be cause that wasn't pitching.
3) Seeing our guys play some sloppy baseball at times.
4) Dealing with the ass holes in the cheap seats. I'm sure Betsy will fill everyone in on that story.

Thoughts on the post game concert:
It was awesome getting to hear Denard, R.A. and Kevin's faith stories after the game was over. They all earned extra points in my book, especially R.A. It was just an amazing experience.
*~* Jars of Clay were amazing! It has been a long, long time since I had listened to anything of their songs (for personal reasons) but listening to their stuff reminded me of what's really important.


Even though I was (still am) exhausted. It was a GREAT game :)

1) Denard Span lead off home run!
2) GoGo's 3 run home run!
3) Brendan's 2 run home run!
4) Watching AJ be the last out of the game :-)
5) Seeing our All-Star guys receiving their All-star game jerseys.

1) Watching Joe Mauer go 0 for 4.
2) Seeing Justin struggle (this was all weekend).

I'm not sure what is going on with those two, but the need to get out of the slump they are in. They are our all stars, they are suppose to play better then they are.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday and a couple from Sunday (for some reason my camera didn't wanna focus this weekend so most of them came out blurry):

Our view from the cheap seats

Justin and Nick during infield practice

Kevin and R.A. during Faith Night

R.A. telling us his Faith story

Kevin and R.A.'s oldest daughter

Kevin attempting to dance

Kevin out dancing with the kids

I just loved his facial expression in this picture :)

Jars of Clay

Denard telling us his Faith story

R.A.'s youngest. He was so cute and he looks just like Daddy :)

Michael Cuddyer aka "The Thinker"


Betsy said...

you forgot a positive about Sunday...the mascot softball game. lol

Katie said...

Yes, I did! Kinda silly, yet hilarious!

I originally forgot about Jose on Saturday night too and had to go back and add it.