Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hey now you're an All Star...

While watching the All Star selection show this afternoon on TBS, I took note on who was playing for the American league this year. While I agree with 95% of the roster, there are a few of them I don't think should be in the starting line up.

C: Joe Mauer - that was a given from the start after his month of May
1B: Mark Teixeira - I think it should have been Justin, damn Yankees
2B: Dustin Pedroia - Should have been Ian Kinsler
3B: Evan Longoria - works for me
SS: Derek Jeter - Should have been Jason Bartlett as starter
Jason Bay - ok
Ichiro Suzuki - doesn't surprise me
Josh Hamilton - I'm really hoping he is able to play

The group of 13 pitchers we have, I really think we have a diverse group of guys. We have the 2 best closer in baseball with Nathan and Mariano Rivera. We have 2 of the better starters in the league with Zach Greinke and Roy Halladay.

The only person not going to the game that I wish was is Slowey. I think he earned his way into that game being right up there with Greinke and Halladay. But at the same time, I'm glad he didn't get the nod for the game, because it think it would a have been harder to swallow knowing he could have gone and could have played if he wasn't on the DL.

I think it's going to be a really good game again this year. And I will make myself stay up and watch the whole thing if it goes into extra innings, especially if we get an ending like this again:

Now onto today's game:

So I was really hoping Blackie was going to be able pull off the shut out today. Maybe it's just me, but as soon as they started talking about it on TV I knew it wasn't going to happen. Just like when he was going for it against the Pirates earlier in the season, they started talking about it on the radio and he gave up the single run in the ninth.

I still love the fact that he has been able to get a complete game in 3 of his last 4 starts. It makes me very excited to see him pitch again in person on Saturday night against the White Sox. I don't worry when he is pitching, I do still get a little worried when Frankie is pitching, but we'll see how that goes for the rest of the season.

I'd like to thank Adam Everett for helping out his old team out with that error in our 6 run - 4th inning. It may not have been a sweep, but I certainly feel better getting the series after that heart breaker on Friday night.

Tomorrow: Off day!
Tuesday: Scott Baker taking on the New York Yankees and LHP CC Sabathia.

I really hate the Yankees, I'll just make that be known now.

I shall end today's post with some amusing pictures from today's game:


S.Rail said...

2B should have been Kinsler. What the heck happend there.

I sure hope that it's a Twin that makes the winning catch/RBI/run/save for the game this year. Everytime Justin Morneau came up last year (in the Xtra innings) I would get so excited and think "Oh my gosh! He could win the game right now!" Of course he didn't, but he DID score the winning run, so It's good enough for me. Mauer will be taken out by the 4th (because they are stupid) So it's all up to Morneau...

Katie said...

I half ass watched the game last year because I was trying to get homework done. Thankfully this year I am done with school so I'll be able to pay better attention!

S.Rail said...

I can't believe I stayed up that long last year. It was a LONG game. (But AL won, so it's all good) :)

Katie said...

I ended up falling asleep during the 11th inning and missed the ending.