Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Nick Punto Day!

So the big talk in the Twins blog world has been Nick Punto Day, well today is the day. So whether you love him or hate him, today is the day to let those feelings be heard, either in your own blog or you can comment to my post here.


While I may rag on Nick from time to time with missed plays or poor plate appearances, what he does the rest of the time makes up for it. How many times have we seen him literally launch himself from second base to make a diving catch? Or how many times have we seen him be apart of a wonderful double play? (Most the second half of the season after the Twins obtained OC, but still).

Nick has had some amazing plays in the field this past season and yes, his bat may not be swinging as much as the next guy, does that really mean we should get rid of him? No I don’t think so. He an cover different positions and he does well in both of them .We’ve seen him as a short stop and we’ve seen him as a second baseman and he can cover both of them well.

I strongly believe that Nick is a great utility player and a great member to the Twins lineup. He’s always there in the dug out to congratulate a team member after a home run or after scoring a run. His bat matters when it counts. Everyone goes through their slumps with missed chances or poor plate appearances he still had a .444 batting average during the post season and a .583 OBP during the post season, both of which were the highest of anyone on the team.

When it comes right down to it, Nick is a good player and at times he just takes a bad wrap. I almost feel as though he could be considered a “band-wagon” player. He seems to have more fans when he’s doing well and when he hits his slump everyone starts to think we should get rid of him.

Let's also not forget...he is the last of the original piranhas!