Friday, July 17, 2009

Stats Time

Kudos to Kubes on his 3 run homer! Nice going Jason :-) And what's with all the guys getting hair cuts? Everyone leaves for 4 days and we have guys coming back with no hair!


So while I was watching tonight's game, I decided to do a little comparison of a couple of our players. It's nothing too in-depth or nothing too complicated, it's basically just comparing numbers for 4 players:

Young 192 51 59 20 25 .266
Casilla 111 20 21 8 5 .180
Morales 67 23 10 10 4 .343
Redmond 89 21 10 5 4 .236

I had thought about doing this after I heard that Jose had yet again been sent back to Rochester, but then after seeing Casilla's piss-poor performance tonight I knew I needed to do this post. It didn't surprise me that he went 0 for 4, it really didn't because I didn't expect him to do any better, that and Bert did pick him for Pick the Stick so Betsy's theory still stands true!

I understand that Bill Smith says we need a 12-man pitching staff and Gardy has said the same thing. I can see that we need a bigger pitching staff considering some of our starting pitchers have struggled lately. And Smith says having the third catcher is a luxury, fine whatever, but from what I have read Jose can be used in other areas in the infield and his batting average is so much better than Alexi.

Now I know this is probably going to set a few people off, but my opinion on the whole Redmond/Morales thing is this. While I have nothing but respect for Redmond and think he's a wonderful catcher, I strongly believe that Morales needs to be in the majors. He has nothing but proven himself while he's been up here doing everything that's been asked of him plus he knows how to kill the White Sox when we need it the most.

Delmon is a totally different area. He can be on the top of this game one day, making great plays, hitting the ball all over the place and then there are days where I can sit down and watch a game and wonder why is he still here? There are other people that deserve a chance. I know he went through the rough period with his mother dying and that's understandable, but lately I just don't know.

We need strong defense and strong offense and I'm a little iffy if we can get that from the line up we have right now.

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Betsy said...

I'm waiting for my theory about pick the stick to be proven wrong!!