Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome to the Candy Shop!

There is a reason to that picture, but you're going to have to wait until possibly next Wed for the reasoning behind it.

After 3 months for the first time this season we finally, FINALLY, made it to 2 games over .500. That deserves a huge it's about time. This is an over .500 team and it's time they show it to everyone else that wants to doubt them (I'm talking to you Souhan!)

Speaking of Souhan, normally I don't give his column the time of day because it as a rule pisses me off. Today's/Last nights column was no different. When it was discussed this morning on Twitter, I decided I should read it and see what all the fuss was about, well what I found was an article that appeared to be written by a high schooler, not a professional writer (why the Tribune continues to pay him for the crap he writes is beyond me).

According to Souhan, Dickey didn't make the team out of Spring Training. So apparently the guy that was filling in for Scott while he was on the DL was a figment of our imaginations and not who Dick and Bert told us it was. It just kills me that the title of his column is "Stop me if you've heard this one: bullpen needs help". I could have stopped him as soon as he started writing the column because it's all we seem to hear from him this season.

I'll step off my soapbox now.

Onto today's game...

It was nice to have a little more cushion then we did last night, I didn't have to start pacing around my office because I couldn't bear to just sit there and listen. I am also thankful to have instant video on Gameday so I could see Cuddy's home run shortly after it happened (skittles for him!)

I really thought Papa Perk had another strong outing, he kept his pitch count down and went 7 innings. I really like what I'm seeing from him since he came off the DL.

And once we think that we've got a strong starting line-up, we lose 3 today from injuries. Red-Dogs looked painful when they were talking about during the news and even from the picture I can see why he was taken out. Justin went out with a tight left groin muscle. I really, really hope with a couple days rest he'll be ready for the series against the Tigers because I know I was looking forward to seeing him again on Saturday.

And then we have Nick Punto. As much as I love Nicky, I really wonder how long it's going to be before he ends up on the DL again. How much longer Gardy can go with being short an infielder because Nicky's got some sort of injury. I don't wanna see it come to that, but I also want a healthy team.

And did you all know that Nicky can fly?

Tomorrow: Off day! Rest up boys, the Tigers are on their way in, one day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Friday: Kevin against newbie Lucas French.


Liz Strand said...

I hate to say this, but after doing some research, Jim Souhan was technically right. R.A. Dickey did not make the team out of spring training with a roster spot. He made the team as the contract purchased with Scott Baker going on the DL. This technically means that Baker was on the team out of Spring Training, and Dickey wasn't, even though we all know that Dickey was in uniform opening day, and likely would've had the last pen spot anyway. But the way the rules are written, this means he didn't make the team out of Spring Training...(though it would've been nice if he had mentioned that technicality in the column, since it was obvious to all of us that Dickey was on the team).

This does not, however, change the fact that while there are some valid points in the article about a guy like Matty being worn out again late, that it was rather absurd timing to do this column.

But to play devil's advocate, by writing it now, he'll be able to say he "saw it coming" if Matty wears out and Dickey or Keppel don't come up big down the line, as he would've called it when things were going well, rather than waiting if the pen collapses, and then stating the obvious.

The "trying to predict what goes wrong before it does" approach, doesn't endear him to many Twins fans though. He could've made his point by writing a column that was mainly positive about how the pen has been doing, with some tidbit warnings about what could go wrong. Instead, he wrote the column he did about what could go wrong & only included a few small positive tidbits. He, along with too many sports columnists, falls into the "glass half empty" category.

My hope is that starting pitchers last longer in games, and that the bullpen proves him wrong!

Betsy said...

i love the button. :)

Katie said...

I thought it was fitting!