Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For the love of the navy...

So before I really get into last nights "recap" I just wanna say, Cuddy wanted that triple just to get to third base to give a big eff you to Mike Muchlinski for that blown call Monday night. Did anyone else notice it took him a while to actually call Cuddy safe? I think if he would have called him out, Michael would have gone postal.

Reading articles yesterday online while I was at work, I was reading the article about Gardy wanting instant replays and after the play, I have to agree with what he said. I know the questions are out there about "Where would you draw the line of when to use it?" but I think it should be left up to the manager to decide when to draw the line.

Gardy made the comment if the call is against you, your flag is taken away for the remainder of the game, which I think is fair because then it will stop the manager from making silly mistakes, so to speak.

Who knows, it may have helped us the other night or it may still would have worked against us, we'll never know.

I did have to laugh though, during the game when they showed the fan with the sign that said "Cuddyer was safe". Every news broadcast or radio station that I have listened to said the same thing, but that game is over... moving on.

I do love his smile :-)

It was discussed tonight that the starting pitching rotation is either sending a big get well soon message to Kevin or they left the grey uniforms in Texas or sent them ahead to LA, because the guys that never wear the navy uniforms have been wearing them a lot lately, IE Swarzy, not that I care because the navy uniforms are my favorites.

I don't think I have ever drove so quick in my life during the top of the 10th just because I wanted to actually be able to see the bottom of the 10th in person in hopes they would be able to pull out the win.

In ending, the Twins played better ball tonight, they brought their A-game (for the most part) and went out there and won which is what I expected. This was true Twins baseball, a pitching duel, small ball, and running smart. Now let's do it again tomorrow, alright guys?

All I know, is I'm thankful tomorrow is a day game... these west coast games are killing me!


Heidi said...

or the starting rotation reads blogs and fan comments and knows that ladies love navy. :)

Katie said...

I was telling Betsy last night I think it's funny no one has worn the cut offs since everyone was ragging on them the last time Frankie wore them.