Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's Back

I didn't say what I was thinking in last nights post due to my lovely superstition, but I guess I could have said it because it really didn't matter this time around. Blackie just wasn't on top of it tonight... again. Our bats were lacking, but we had some beautiful plays from our defense. My nephews reasoning for Blackburn sucking so bad, "He must be drunk." This is coming from a 8 year old, mind you. Perhaps he could have used a few drinks to calm his nerves or something.

As much as I don't wanna say it, you have Frankie who's pitching sucked ended up on the DL, same with Glen... my friend asked me tonight what kind of excuse the Twins were going to use to put Blackburn on the DL. I don't think they can afford to put him on the DL. Who the hell is left in Rochester that can come up? Dickey could come back, but that would make sense and we all know the Twins GM isn't smart. I just wish this team could capitalize every once and awhile. Tonight would have been the prime opportunity to gain some ground on Detroit and be above Chicago, but no, we let it slip right through our fingers.

Our biggest downfall tonight and who I blame the entire game on, just because I can and I want to... the home plate umpire just so happened to be Todd Tichenor. For those that don't know or don't remember (which I'm sure everyone does) he is the idiot that kicked both Gardy and Red Dog out of the game against Boston one inning and than kicked Varitek and Francona out an inning later.

Just for those that need a little reminder of what the idiot looks like.

Tonight's game was just bullshit with him behind home plate and apparently last night at 1st base as well. Tonight was more missed calls and then he kicked OC out for slamming his bat on the ground. I'm sorry, I didn't know it was a crime to show some emotion after a MISSED call. I've watched quite a few games that I've seen players slam their batting helmets on the ground or throw their bats and I haven't seen them get kicked out. I wanna know what the Twins did to Tichenor that he hates us so freaking much.

I'm giving Alexi props for his amazing plays tonight out in the field. That flip to OC was amazing! Number 1 Web Gem for sure on that one. Great job Alexi. This is the Alexi Casilla I have missed lately. It's nice to see him getting back to his old self and showing us all what we saw last season when we needed it the most. His bats been moving pretty good lately too, which is always a plus.

Biggest props of the night though have to go to Cuddy. He has been such an asset to the team this season. Filling in at 1st, making amazing plays in right and then filling in at 2nd tonight with OC being ejected. He's an all around amazing player and the Twins are really lucky that we have him here for a few more years. Since he has put those injuries aside from last season he's turned into the Cuddy I have always loved.

A couple last minute items: Joe Crede get better! I wanna see you play more this year and I wanna see you in Eden Prairie on Saturday :)

Lastly, every one make sure you check out Besty's blog for our adventures from Tuesday night's game. It's complete with pictures!

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Topper said...

Alexi Casilla's diving deflection to O-Cab is easily one of the best fielding plays I've seen -- EVER.

Tichenor is a little ridiculous, but I almost dislike O-Cab just as much, so, that whole incident just spewed incompetency to me on both ends.

But as far as nothing left in the minors, let's contemplate Yohan Pino, who may just be our lightning in a bottle starter in Rochester. Although I'm not in a mood to just keep plundering our farm system.