Monday, August 31, 2009

Do I Make You Nervous?

The Grizzly Bear aka Nick Blackburn gets most of the props for tonight. Here's my theory Nick... the beard seems to be working... run with it while you can! Just make sure it doesn't get too unruly please or else you'll be going on "the list" for a trim :)

The rest of the props for tonight's game go to Mauer and Kubes. Both going 2 for 4, but those hits are what got us the win tonight. Also Cuddy has to get honorable mention with that diving catch that he made. I'd like to think Web Gem nod, but you never know with those guys, lol.

I thought the guys played smart ball tonight. They need to go out there and do it again tomorrow. One day at a time, one game at a time. We can't get ahead of ourselves.

Oh, I'd also like to thank Jason Bartlett and the Tampa Bay Rays for helping us out today and beating the Tigers. I was listening to the game today at work and it was nice to see Jason have such a good day. I miss him as a Twin, he was my original Twins crush.

Lastly, I'm beginning to wonder if I make Joe Nathan nervous or something (totally kidding, btw). But tonight when we came in, I muted the TV and turned my back to it and he went 1-2-3, Friday night when he was struggling I turned my radio off and like a minute later he got the last out and we won. He better get over the stage fright cause I'm not leaving early tomorrow night if he comes in, sorry Joe!

Tomorrow: The Twins are sending Jeff Manship to the mound against John Danks (12-8). Betsy and I will be at the game, probably being 2 of a few people that acutally know who Jeff Manship is and will probably have to tell those we're sitting by who he is (seems to be the norm when new guys pitch while we're there).

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