Friday, August 14, 2009

Zip, Zero, Zilch

Timothy Scott Baker way to remember what the hell the A game was tonight! That was a beautiful performance tonight, the shut out what just an added plus. I was so nervous watching the 9th inning, all I wanted was the shut out at that point since Nicky has been so close before and lost it. I'm just glad Timmy managed to get it tonight and hopefully give the team the confidence they need to go out there and do it again tomorrow afternoon.

Everyone during tonight's game kept saying it's Swarzy tomorrow, but the Twins site says TBD, is it wrong of me to hope I get to see Duensing pitch in person again tomorrow? He seems to know what he's doing, I know Swarzy does too, so it's tough to figure out who I wanna see. I was trying to figure out who would be pitching when I'm down in Kansas City next weekend, but with everything TBD because our rotation is so screwed up, I have no idea who I'll see and probably won't until Friday night when I get down there!

Oh, random, I had to laugh during the argument between Wedge and the home plate Ump tonight. Seeing how I only started watching games on a pretty regular basis half way through last season, I haven't seen an argument get that heated during a game before. I was waiting for the fists to start flying! That was unreal to be honest, I think I lost count on how many times someone used the "F" word, lol.

I wonder if that will get Wedge suspended for a couple games?

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