Monday, August 17, 2009

Sending Out An S.O.S

I never wanted to give up on the Twins, but at this point it's a game by game type thing. I mean when you have a team that can't even win against a team that's 16 games outta first place, the white flags should be waving. I think K-Bro put it best when she said the Twins were CTD. I keep hoping for a miracle, like perhaps the Tigers and the Sox just roll over and play dead and let us take the division lead, but that will never happen. Even when those two teams have an off day and lose, we can't seem to capitalize on it.

I keep hearing all this talk about Mauer and his 14 game hitting streak, which I think is awesome don't get me wrong, but one guy can't carry this team, it's not fair to him. For the longest time it was Justin that seemed to have to take that roll and now it's Joe. This is a team effort starting with our starting pitchers, which at this point leave a lot to the imagination. You can't expect guys that are only used to working one maybe two innings a night to have to pitch pretty much the whole game because our starters don't want to do their jobs.

What happened to the team from last season? I hate watching this team fall apart before my own eyes, but that's exactly what's happening.

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