Sunday, August 09, 2009

Well, Well, Wasn't That A Surprise?

I'm not going to look at the negatives from today's game because I'm tired of doing that since that's all that seems to happen lately. With that said...

Way to support the team today Cuddy. A triple away from the cycle, for what would have been his second cycle this season. Without looking at the stats and all that jazz, I would have to think this was his biggest game of the season. I, personally, would love to think that it had to do with the "Nesheked" socks! It's almost as if he felt he needed to step up and wear them since we have no R.A. to rock them anymore and both Joe and Brendan didn't play today. Either way, way to rock it Cuddy! ;-)

Onto the big surprise of the game... who the hell was our second basemen today? That wasn't Alexi, no way in hell! Even last night for that matter, that wasn't Alexi, at least that wasn't the Alexi we've seen so far this season. I almost wonder if some sort of weight has been lifted off his shoulders and his head is a little clearer so he can focus more on playing.

I was thinking about that during the game. During the first part of the season he was trying too hard to prove he deserved to stay here and that's when he was always screwing up. But now that the trade deadline has come and gone and he's still here is he finally starting to relax and possibly returning to the Alexi we all knew and loved that last two months of last season?

Also I think OC is playing a big roll in how he and GoGo have been doing. I'm sure those two appreciate having another player on the team that can speak to them in their language so they understand exactly what is expected of them.

Oh and my ideal starting rotation:

1) Timmy
2) Nicky
3) Carl
4) Papa Perk
5) Brian

Frankie and Swarzy need to go to the bull pen. Frankie for obvious reasons and Swarzy, well, I just don't know if he's ready to be a starter for a major league team, reliever yes. It'll give him a chance to actually see the teams and see what they are about, but not have to try and tie down a game in the first few innings.

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