Sunday, August 30, 2009

Run Red Run!

I didn't have plans on even doing a blog today, but to be honest, as much as I pick on Mike Redmond and say that he needs to retire, he seems to bring a fair amount of fun to the team and the line up. We may not have the best record when he is playing, but I know he at least tries when he's at the plate.

Today was no exception. While he may be only 1 of 3 position players who were with the team at the start of the season to not have a home run, I can officially say I have never see Red Dog run so hard since I started watching the Twins than he did today going for that triple. Plus I think I got a kick out of it mostly because of the reaction Red got from the dug out when he reached, was priceless. It's always nice to see this team acting like a team, especially after the last few weeks when things weren't going right and every one was blaming everyone else.

Of course I wish I could find video to post to go along with this post because it was just too priceless, but of course I can't find one. And there aren't any pictures either. A decent play from Red, that doesn't happen very often and you can't find anything on it. Go figure!

Props to Nicky Punto too with that perfectly placed bunt during today's game too! I've missed seeing Nick being able to drop a bunt down like that, he's tried a little to hard this season to try and make those plays and it usually ends up being strike 3 or an out at first so it was nice to see a little squeeze play today from Punts!

Also since I did this post... Joe Nathan! Stop giving all us Twins fans heart attacks. Most of these games have been stressful enough as it is and then to have to worry if you're going to be able to go out there and get the save. Whatever the issue is, please get it out of your system by Tuesday when I am at the game, k? Perhaps we can even get enough run support to give you a few days off to maybe clear your head or something.

I think we were all breathing a sigh of relief when Joe finally got that last out.

I'd like to think a few of the guys read my blog last night and learned what it meant to capitalize since I was so nice to spell it out for them and give them a few pointers. It still leaves us 4.5 games outta first and a game and a half a head of Chicago, which is key with Chicago coming to town for a 3 game series starting tomorrow. Seriously though, does the Commissioner hate us that much that we have to play the Sox so many times this season? Not that I don't mind playing our rivals, but I'd like to see some other teams more often too, like Tampa Bay!


Topper said...

I hope we win Tuesday! Keep an eye out for me, if a Twins pop-up comes over near the third base line I'm going to be sitting down by the field trying to disrupt Gordon Beckham and snag it out of his mitt.

I also do love Redmond's influence on this team, it's going to be sad not to have him in the clubhouse next year, I wish there was some way he could come back as a coach in some capacity?

Katie said...

Which section are you sitting in Tuesday? As you read in For The Love's blog we'll be at the game as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if Red is still with the club next season. We keep hearing how Morales isn't ready for catching from both sides (offensively and defensively),

Topper said...

Turns out Tuesday I'm actually in 114, row 2, NOT near 3rd base. It's Wednesday that I'm in 133 row 1.

My e-mail's, send me an e-mail and I'll give you guys my number so we can say hi at the game!

Katie said...

I'll send you an email!