Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Do You Like That One?

So I was all set to leave the game tonight after the 9th inning even if the Twins didn't get a walk off hit. I know, I know, before some starts yelling, you never leave a Twins game early, but I'm seriously still trying to catch up from sleep from this past weekend in Kansas City. This game seemed to take forever tonight, perhaps it was just because Betsy *thanks again Betsy* and I were at the game. Who knows.

What I do know is a lot of fans were getting a little restless with out sucky pitching. Does it surprise me, no, cause I was getting pissed off with it. I don't wanna say anything bad quite yet about the new guy. Could it have been nerves, yes, but I doubt it. Humber should have never been brought back up here. Way to walk in runs, you loser.

Luckie Strike (Sarah) asked me when I was going to pay up on the Skittles I've promised Cuddy... I was thinking the next Unplugged. That way he has time to add to his collection or I can take some away when he sucks lol Someone needs to hold me to this so I don't chicken out!

Now for the real star of the game.... get ready for it.... ready.... am I really going there??

Yes I am.

Delmon Young!

That's right. After all the shit I have talked about him through the season, tonight I am loving him (partly because with his walk off base hit I could go home). I wanted them to win so bad that I was fighting with myself if I was going to stay for the extra innings or not so thank you Delmon for letting me come home knowing that the game was over and that we won!

Keep the momentum going guys. We're tied for 2nd with Chicago... you CAN do this! Nickie... remember how to throw strikes and we shouldn't have a problem, k?


Topper said...

That was an a great ending to the game! (The rest, not so much.)

But Delmon's good night definitely deserves some recognition after all the grief everyone's given him. Good call! If only every time we REALLY wanted something to happen, our team would listen to us and do it, that would be perfect.

Katie said...

It was a nail biter that's for sure!

I felt bad last night because I've spent a good portion of the season ragging on him because of how much he's sucked, but last night he definitely proved he can handle the majors.

If they did listen to us, they would have won every game thus far! lol