Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doctor's Orders

Justin, get over that inner ear infection you have quick! I wanna see you play this weekend :-) I'll bring you some chicken soup or something when I come down, lol. I wanna see the normal crew this weekend, k?

Thanks to Betsy and every one's tweets I was able to keep up with the game since I was gone for a good chunk of it. I was a little concerned when I heard that they were warming up Manship so early again, but I was pleased when I got home and found out that Timmy was able to make it 6 innings and leave with the lead, plus also win number 11 on the season. Good job Timmy! And another fine comeback lead I might add, those guys do have a way of keeping us on our toes lately, don't they?

I also heard our favorite Weeble did very well tonight against those darn Rangers. A nice solid 2+ innings! And LaVelle said it was his best outing this season, very nice Jose!! I did manage to catch the 9th and see Nathan get save number 31 on the season, I do love watching that man pitch!

Tomorrow night we have Swarzy pitching. Remember your A game Anthony! I wanna see you pitch like you did the first night I saw you against the Brewers.

Friday I am making the long car ride to Emporia, Kansas (I'm starting there to see a friend and than back up to KC Saturday morning) to watch our guys take on the Royals in beautiful Kauffman Stadium. I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday, I promise to do all the Twins Blog girls proud while I am there!

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luckie/sarah said...

The only thing that worried me about Manship getting started in the pen so early (it was something like the 2nd or 3rd inning), is that he made me nervous watching him! Pacing back and forth, couldn't sit down for long when they wanted him to was like Bobby Korecky last season (we saw his ML debut). Manship already debuted, but he probably had family in from San Antonio. :)