Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thanks for your support

It's a little odd doing this before the series is over, but tomorrow night will be spent packing for the wedding I have to attend this weekend (I'm in the wedding so I really have to go). Twitter girls...I'll be tweeting on and off via my cell so I'll be checking in for game updates Friday and Saturday!


At least tonight's game wasn't a shut out, we got that going for us. This game was depressing to say the least.

~ Slowey's performance from last night was amazing as usual (even with the walk and runs). Swarzy tonight, poor Swarzy. So many people that I have talked to since his first start have been expecting that every game since. He's young, he's still learning. I still love him even though he had an off day today. It happens to the best of them, he can learn from this and move on to his next start against Oakland on Monday.

~ I'm not sure how much more of Ayala I can take and I really hope to God when Papa Perk comes off the DL, Ayala goes back to Rochester. I do agree with K-Bro, I miss the days when we had the best bullpen in the league. What happened to that team?

~ Homerun number 12 for the baseball boyfriend last night. I do love watching him hit those homers! I also love that I get a phone call from my nephew after each and every one going "Auntie Katie! Did you see Joe hit that one?!" Skyler wants to be Joe Mauer when he gets older, I think it's adorable.

~ Carlos Gomez, you are the honorary baseball boyfriend of the series. One with that catch you made on Tuesday. That was a work of art, simply priceless! Second for getting into it with the cocky Cliff Lee tonight (I really do hate that guy). You really should have just smacked him and I would have chipped in to help pay the fine. But also for getting that single off him the next time you saw him. Take that Cliff Lee.

~ Oh and I remember tonight why we sent Little Lexi down to AAA.

Overall tonight's game, we had no offense, no defense, no bullpen. It's like they just forgot to show up.

Boys a suggestion for you all...

Go home tonight and sleep. Actually remember to show up tomorrow, go out there and at least win the series.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey! Looksee! I found your blog! I am totally linking up!!! I'll be drunk on Saturday night so I probably shouldn't be tweeting the game.

Katie said...


If I didn't have to drive home Saturday after the wedding, I'd totally be drunk too, but no such luck there!

But drunk tweets could be fun ;o)

Liz Strand said...

They should just forget to let Ayala on the flight. I don't think they can send him anywhere. 6 yrs in the majors would mean no more options, right? I'll never figure out why our Twins paid him $1.3 mil, when his ERA was close to 6 last year, with a WHIP just under 1.50. He blew 12 saves in the pen for multiple teams last year. I can't find any reason why the Twins wanted him. Spending more money to keep Dennys Reyes would make more sense than throwing the money away to Ayala...