Friday, June 19, 2009

I'd like to apologize...

After tonight's game I feel I need to apologize to Delmon Young for everything nasty I have ever said about him. That catch tonight was amazing, I so thought that one was going out of the park. I right along with Nathan was breathing a sigh of relief when we came up with that one.

So Delmon (not that he'll ever see this) I'm sorry for being so mean to you and keep doing what you're doing.


Katie said...

Delmon really stepped it up tonight. He's not my favorite by a longshot, but I do feel for him.

He really did look SO happy that people were actually cheering for him.

I don't know about Delmon specifically, but I know a few of the players do troll around Twins blogs sometimes. So, you never know!

Mh said...

I decided to just send delmon indifferent vibes last night. I have tried the love, the though love, the I hate you with a passion and last night it was what ever.

HMmmmmm who knew.

Liz Strand said...

The look on his face when he was getting the cheers was my favorite part of it. I think he's been nothing like what we expect Twins to be, but perhaps after the horribly painful things he went through losing his mother, he is opening up his emotions more. It seemed like he didn't care if there were boos or cheers. I'm wondering if whatever anger management he had to do for the bat throwing at the Ump incident just took his emotions away completely!

I don't love Delmon, but I want him to give me reasons to...(completely different from Ayala, who I just wanted to go away).