Sunday, May 31, 2009

Say goodbye to Tampa Bay...

At least this road series wasn't a sweep, which I was expecting. But I did think that with Tampa having 9 players on the DL we would have stood a better chance of winning more then one game. But hey, that's the Twinkie way right?

As a rule, I like/"love" all the guys on the team, but after his performance yesterday, I am not very happy with Frankie. I realize he really hasn't been himself since he had the Tommy John's surgery a couple years ago, but to openly admit that you don't know what you are doing, that you don't know what pitches to throw, to me that say's you've lost it and to Triple A you should go. It's the catchers job to call the game, don't shake off the pitches he signals. I'm pretty sure Joe and Mike know what they are doing.

But Gardy and Andy both think he can still handle it, so here is where he stays. I think he needs to go back to Triple A and Swarzy should stay in as a starter. He has been so impressive his first two starts and at only 23, he has a lot of potential in the big leagues :) Today's performance by Blackie made up for the lack luster performance last night so that's a plus.

I would love it if we could make it through a game without someone getting dinged up! Today was Cuddy, out with a sprained right index finger, yesterday was Crede, and I guess you could also say was Mauer after the beating he took behind the plate. Apparently he has bruises all up and down the inside of his thighs, one on his rib cage and one on his right leg where he fouled a pitch off it. How that man manges to win batting titles after getting beat up really says something about his performance.

And to end today on a lighter note. Kevin Slowey during yesterdays game and Denard Span's mom had to be the highlights of the weekend. Listening to Kevin yesterday while talking to Perkins was the best thing during the game. "I feel like I'm at a rave, not a baseball game." Denard's mom, she's so cute! You can tell she's so proud of her boy.

Now come on home guys, the "dome magic" is waiting for you.

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Kimberly said...

Goodbye Tampa Bay!!

We are having no luck with injuries lately. Doh!