Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baseball Unplugged

I am so glad I decided to go to Unplugged tonight. It was so much fun meeting everyone from the blogs and from Twitter. We must do this again soon because I had an amazing time! It's tough when you don't have a whole lot of friends that love the game as much as you do, so it was a nice change to get together with a group of girls that love the game as much as me!

We did discuss going a day game where all the girls from Blogger and Twitter would be able to come out for the game. I really think we should work on this girls! Someone needs to be in charge. I volunteer my credit card to order them if we can come up with a weekend to go!

No pictures, which is a bummer because it was so dark in there my pictures didn't turn out the best, but just being there was enough for me!

They cut off the autograph line at 9 so no one from our group was able to get anything signed, but For The Love of the Game got something a little special, but I won't spoil it here and let her share with everyone!

So again, thanks girls for making this night amazing and let's all do it again soon (this time with everyone!)


Betsy said...

oh it's up on my blog today! :) woot!

Liz Strand said...

I just force my family to listen to my Twins ramblings since I know my friends won't appreciate it (thank heavens for Twitter or I might have lost some of my old friends on Facebook!) My dad will listen to anything, and often forget it, so I can tell him again, and my mom is too nice to tell me she doesn't care...

Katie said...

My parents are the same way... they'll listen, but they don't care. I'll try and talk to my dad about it and he tells me we need to fire all the coaches because they all suck. So I try not to talk to him about it!