Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I make good on my promises

I know, no post from Sunday's game, but there really wasn't much to report on other then I'm happy Frankie had a good outing.


So last night while watching the game (I'm not really sure that was even a game, but whatever), I made the comment while at Betsy's that I would buy Justin a can of BBQ Pringles if he would please do us the honor of hitting a homerun. And amazingly moments later he had hit that ball out of the park and gave us all a glimmer of hope that we might be able to come back and beat the Royals.

Look at those chipmunk cheeks!

But then again coming back and winning the game would have put us at 2 games above .500 and that apparently is not acceptable for the Twins this season. I know we tend to do better after the All Star break, but I would like to see us get 2 games above .500 before the break to go back to St. Louis with a good and positive attitude.

I was also holding out thinking maybe, just maybe Gardy getting kicked out of the game last night would light the fire under the guys asses to make them go out there and play baseball like they get paid to do. This isn't the minors anymore, that shit's only going to fly for so long before Rochester is calling someones name.

You know when the hat comes off...he's outta here!

Tonight: Scottie Baker is taking the mound against Brian Bannister. Here's to hoping that the guys remember to show up tonight and play ball like they are supposed to.

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