Saturday, June 27, 2009

If you can't stand the heat...

First off, I am stepping up to the plate (no pun intended) and saying that I will take the blame for the game today. I had to leave at the end of the first inning and then it seemed that all hell broke lose for Kevin. I also say let's blame it on the heat as it messed with his mechanics and just threw him off balance. We all know he's better then what we saw today, hoping it's still enough to get him back to St. Louis for the All-Star game.

I really have no point to today's post, but some random observations that I took note of during the parts of the game that I did see:

* I am proud of Cuddy for being the bigger man in the 5th inning. Casey is going to have quite the role model growing up. He should be proud of his daddy.

* I believe that Molina needs to grow up. Even my brother, in high school, was taught to aim for the glove when trying to make a play at home.

*Albert Pujols could just go away for the game tomorrow, that would be good, k, thanks :-)

* Sean Henn looks like Hulk Hogan... at least from the back with the hair.

* After seeing Keppel pitch today, the jury is still out.

* I totally had to laugh at Kevin today and the farmers tan he was rocking under that jersey.

Rumor has it that Steve Tolleson might be on his way up from Triple A if LNP doesn't show he's healthy enough to play. I've been waiting in this series to see if Cuddy will get his chance to start at 2nd base that everyone has been talking about. I really do feel bad for Nicky, but maybe this will teach him to stop diving head first into first base.

Tomorrow: Frankie gets the start. Hopefully the heat won't get to him and we can get 7 quality innings out of him and give our bullpen another little breather.

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Liz Strand said...

Glad you mentioned the Molina behavior with Cuddy's collision. It wasn't mentioned on TV (at least that I heard). They just talked about the hard play, not about Molina digging his elbow onto Cuddy's throat. I would've punched him! : )