Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I smell a draft...

I started working on this last night before that mess that was the 9th inning, so I'll finish what I started now and add a little to it :-)


So seeing how this is the first year I've really tried to keep up with the draft (as much as a crazy day at work will let me), I decided tonight to sit down and do some research on some of the top guys that we drafted in the first two days.

~ 1st round: Kyle Gibson - RHP

I think he could make a good addition to a starting rotation. I heard so much about this guy when the draft talks first started and I was surprised to see that he was still available when we had our 22nd pick. Once his stress fracture heals and if he signs with the team, I think he could make a really good addition to our pitching staff. I've been reading good things about his fastball.

~ 4th round: Ben Tootle - RHP

I think Ben would make a good addition to our bullpen (which we all know needs some work) Everything that I have read has said his slider is probably one of his better pitches against right handed hitters. Now this the bug he had for a month has passed and he's getting back into his rhythm, he has a lot to show.

~ 5th round: Derek McCallum - 2nd base

A home grown guy coming out of the U of M and hometown of Shoreview. It's always a good feeling to see the Twins pick up some of Minnesota's talent. He was drafted by the Twins as a last round pick in 2006 I believe. He had a batting average of .291 in 2008 and 32 RBI and 3 home runs. He can play either shortstop or 2nd (as the Twins drafted him for)

~ 27th round: Eric Decker - OF

Yet another homegrown ball player out of the U, Eric comes from Cold Spring. In 2008 he had a .329 batting average, 28 RBI, 3 home runs, 9 stolen bases and an on base percentage of .439. He was also drafted before to the Milwaukee Brewers as a 38th round pick in 2008. He has decided though that he wants to play football at the U this coming school year before he makes his decision concerning his professional career.

Overall I love the number of pitchers the Twins are trying to pick up, as we all know our bullpen needs some work. Obviously most of these guys will probably never see the Majors, but it's nice to see the Twins trying to make something happen.

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Kimberly said...

Hopefully, one or two work out for the Twins. I can never watch the draft because I always want all the boys to go on to do big things. ;o)

But, we really need help now and stat. *lmao*