Sunday, June 21, 2009


Before I get into the recap of that series, Happy Father's Day to any father's that read this. Also Happy Father's Day to the guys on the team with little ones. I was so happy that they showed some of the little ones on TV during the game, the guys on this team made some adorable kids! It's always fun watching them try and walk around out on the field when they are so young, yet some of them are getting so big!

Hopefully next year they do it the same weekend as the autograph party, because if they do early ticket sales for Territory Members, I'll be getting tickets for this game.

Also, plans are under way for the meet up for the bloggers, you can see all the info here.

Now onto the weekend recap...

The home runs this weekend by our guys were out of this world. Brandon, Delmon, Joey, Jason, and then Cuddy today. Awesome job guys. It's just too bad all those home runs couldn't chalk up to wins yesterday or today. I think Brandon's gets the gold star out of all of them seeing how it was only the second pitch thrown in the first inning.

One again we have the bullpen to thank for missing the wins (today not so much). It was a rough first inning for Papa Perk, but I was hoping we could pick up the mess offensively, but no such luck. Saturday's outing for Scottie was all the bullpen. Thanks Henn, or as my ex-boyfriend calls him Henny-Penny. He needs to be the next one back to Rochester, more so then Ayala.

Amazing stuff out of Scottie yesterday too with the deflected balls back up with middle over to Harris for a few entertaining single outs! You'd think they way they were played they were double play balls, but nope! It was good to see him get a chuckle out of that when it was happening.

Congrats to Slowey on win number 10 this season! With Halladay going on the DL hopefully Kevin will be able to get ahead of him with his number of wins and secure his start in the All-Star game. It would be amazing to see him get that start! I'll admit I did get a little nervous with the number of walks that Kevin had going in that game, but out of our starting rotation, he's the one guy that I don't tend to worry about that much.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Gardy put Nathan in for the 8th inning, what's that? The second time this season he's done that? It would be nice if he would do that more often. I know he doesn't want to, cause he doesn't want to have to rely on Joe for 4 outs every time and just stick to his three, but there are some cases where it just has to be done I think.

Now it's on to Milwaukee where I wouldn't mind a repeat performance of what we did when they were here.

ETA: Just when I think I have our starting rotation figured out and think I'll actually get to see Kevin start a game in person, they push his next start back a day (or two, depending on what you read) so I probably still won't get to see him pitch in person.


Betsy said...

Slowey is supposed to start on Saturday now...and who knows what the rotation will be after the all-star break!

Katie said...

Too bad the 3 games I have next month are all before the All-Star break, ha!

I will see him pitch a game in person before the end of the year. He's the only one I haven't seen in person.