Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back at .500

Yet again the "American Idol" graces the cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated. According to the Star Tribune the guy has a bowling alley in his house. I wish, how about a bowling party at Joe's? I'm also going with the theory that since he was on the cover in 2006 and won the batting title, he can do that again this year. I could be totally wrong, but that's what I like to stick to.

At this point, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Frankie. He got the win tonight which is great, hopefully it will boost his confidence, but I'm still concerned with how he's pitching. And now with all this new information coming out about Ayala, the idea of sending Henn back to Rochester, sending Frankie to the bullpen, and bringing Swarzy up to start sounds better and better. Once Frankie gets it all under control then bring him back as a starter.

Overall I was happy with the way the game came out, especially since we are 4 for 4 against the Brewers this season and that Matty hit one of their players (I was secretly hoping that we would get redemption for them hitting Joe and Joe when they were here).


Liz Strand said...

I want to love Frankie, but he's driving me nuts (and everyone else too, of course). The talent is there. Where is the confidence?

Katie said...

I miss the old Frankie. Can we have him back?

Betsy said...

i love to hate Fran...does that count? :)

Katie said...

Sure! The more and more I see him pitch, the more and more I'm getting to that point.