Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Long, Farewell and a battle at .500

I think a lot of Twins fans weren't surprised with the news yesterday that the Twins front office, once again, screwed up. What everyone was surprised with, was who the Twins front office cut loose this time. Last time was Jesse Crain, this time Luis Ayala.

I figured for sure when I started hearing reports yesterday that Bill Smith (who I didn't think knew how to work) was making a trip to Rochester to look at the pitching staff out there, that we would be saying so long to Sean Henn, but apparently I don't know this team as well as I thought.

Instead we're DFAing a guy that was experience to bring in a guy that doesn't really have the experience.

What exactly is the game plan if Keppel comes in and sucks more then Ayala or Henn? Oh that's right, the front office probably doesn't have a game plan. Apparently they don't seem to really care what's going on. Way to go!

And while I'm on the topic of stuff I've been reading online. I have been reading a lot of stuff about how this club won't be anything more then a .500 club this season. Last season when the club rolled into Milwaukee for our boarder battle, we were 32-35, this season rolling in we are 35-36.

I strongly think this series could be the turn around this club needs. With the All-Star break right around the corner, they will find the momentum they need to be more than a .500 team.


Betsy said...

Bill Smith's comment about Henn: "We don't want to give up on [Henn]," Twins General Manager Bill Smith said. "He's lefthanded, and he's got velocity. He's another one who's been inconsistent, but he's got upside. We felt that Keppel was a good fit for us right now, and unfortunately it cost Ayala a spot."

He's an idiot!

Katie said...

So we're just going to give up on Ayala? No one said we had to "give up" on Henn, he just needs to go back to Rochester. There are other lefties in Rochester that could have been promoted in Henn's place so we didn't have to DFA Ayala.

Betsy said...

here's why they picked Keppel: After starting for Class AAA Albuquerque (Marlins) last season, Keppel signed a minor league contract with the Twins with a clause that would have allowed him to become a free agent if he wasn't placed on the major league roster by July 1.

LAME!!!! Why the hell did they elect to do this? that was stupid. Why not just put him on the roster to start the season then.

Katie said...

Why is it we always seem to end up with the clauses like that in our contracts?

The front office makes me laugh more and more all the time.

Betsy said...

the front office is stupid. no matter who we have as the gm, they always do dumbass things!

Katie said...

Can we petition for a new GM?

Betsy said...

i think we should! it should be like the wild...a whole new front office!

Tricia said...

I went to the Milwaukee series last year...the Friday and Saturday games. I distinctly recall thinking that they better quit playing like no-talent ass clowns if I was going to drive 6 hours to see them, and they did. Woo! Friday night we were sitting with a group of slightly drunk Twins fans, and it was a blast. Craig Monroe came out to pinch-hit for Kevin Slowey, and all the guys around us were screaming at the tops of their lungs, "We want Slowey!" It was one of the best baseball games I've ever been to.

Katie said...

Everyone wants Slowey, lol.

They just need to go out there and take it one game at a time and the rest will fall into place.

But it would be nice to have a repeat performance of the series in the Dome. ;0)

Betsy said...

i definitely want bragging rights over my two guy friends who are both brewer fans! it's fun to brag!

Liz Strand said...

Aside from the fact that I have hated Ayala all year (well, and with the Mets last yr, killing Santana's season), and was thrilled to see him go (so I'll agree to disagree with you on that!), the new revelations about his demanding to be the set-up guy or get traded, sheds new light on that one! I tend to trust the front office, except when it comes to free agent signings. I haven't liked those much the past number of years, but I love the draft picks, and I trust that they generally have a good reason for the roster moves, even if I don't understand it.

But I'm thrilled to see Ayala gone before he could mess up any more games with the sinker that doesn't sink (shoot, I was trying so hard not to say anything else about him!) : )