Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back over .500

Starting off tonight's post with the fact that I now owe Mr. Morneau two, yes two, cans of BBQ Pringles. If I had known this was all it was going to take to get him to start hitting home runs again I would have started offering to buy them a long time ago! Perhaps I will offer can three tomorrow and see what he can do. If I had a way to get them to him I would be all over actually going to the store and buying him some, but he would probably look at me like I was nuts. Perhaps I'll just save it for our potluck.

So we have come to the end of June (where is the year going?!) and we walk away with a record of 15 - 12. At least we can end June on a high note with a win and an overall winning month. We are also back to being one game above .500 and tied in the standings with our "favorite" team, that being the lovely Chicago White Sox. Some of the losses this past month were hard to swallow and could have been avoided with better performances from our bull pen and better at bats from our position players, but what's in the past is in the past and hopefully they will learn from things that happened and go into July with the gusto to have yet another winning month.

A good performance tonight from Baker, yes he may have had a high pitch count, but a win is a win in my book. Another awesome save from Joe Nathan, in all honesty, the more I see him the hotter he gets!

Betsy and I were discussing during the game tonight items that we could offer the guys to give them incentive to actually get out there and do what we want them to do (i.e. the whole BBQ Pringles thing with Justin). Also this will be a good thing to know for the pot luck at the end of the season. So far we have established the following list (with help from K-Bro and last years favorite things baskets):

Justin Morneau: BBQ Pringles
Joe Mauer: Jimmy Johns or a sleeve of golf balls
Jason Kubel: Gummi Bears
Scott Baker: Sour Patch candy
Joe Nathan: Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whiskey
Michael Cuddyer: Skittles
Kevin Slowey: Betsy (herself)

If you have anything you'd like to add to "the list". Comment below!

For some reason I can't help but laugh at this picture:

Tomorrow: Papa Perkins takes the mound again (at least he doesn't have to attempt to bat again). He is up against Gil Meche.


Betsy said...

you forgot what I'm willing to offer Kevin. :)

Betsy said...

oh yeah, and krystal is willing to handle Joe's balls. lol...

Katie said...

I'm not sure what you are willing to offer Kevin is appropriate for people under 18, but I shall list it anyway ;)

Betsy said...

well...guess the best way to put it is...I'd offer myself. lol...that's the cleanest way I can put it. ha!

Katie said...

That's what I put lmao!

Betsy said...

you and I think too much alike. lol...it was destined for us to be friends!

Katie said...

I think it was! They always say great minds think alike!