Friday, April 09, 2010

Welcome Back!

If there is one thing I have missed this off season more then anything it's watching Kevin pitch. If you want to get technical, I've missed that since he went on the DL last summer. So last night I forced myself to stay awake to watch him pitch until he was done and I managed to actually do that (I actually made it to when they brought in The Weeble).

While it may not have been Kevin's best game and he may not have gone as long as Carl and Nick, I'll take what he did last night and smile about it. After not pitching since, what, June of last season, I thought he did a good job last night. I'm happy that he's back on that mound again.

Not everyone wanted to play last night apparently and yes I am talking about Cuddy. In all honesty I have lost count of how far in the hole he is with the skittle count, but if he keeps playing like he has so far, he'd owe me by the seasons end. I know these guys all have off days or whatever, but a whole series? Come on Cuddy...get with it!

And then we have the trio of home run hitters. Last night we saw a new group in Jim Thome, Brendan and Delmon (again!) All I have to say is, welcome to the Minnesota Twins Mr. Thome! You have earned your spot in the lineup, that's for sure. Sure he may not be the speediest runner, but he's giving Jason Kubel a run for his money.

And then we have Delmon! Who is he and what did he do with last seasons Delmon Young?! Whoever he is, I like this version much better then last years. He seems to be more comfortable out in the field and at the plate. Of course last year he did have a lot going on with the death of his mother, which I know was tough on him I'm sure. But I am loving this version of Delmon, let's keep it that way ;-)

Now it's off to the south side to visit our "friends" in Chicago. It will be interesting to see if Thome gets the same kind of reaction from the crowd that Joe Crede got last season when he went "home" for the first game.

Oh and by the way, AJ, you still suck :-)


CJ420 said...

AJ does more than suck. He's essentially everyone's least favorite MLB player.

Katie said...

CJ~You bring up a good point! It is always fun to let him have it when the Twins play them at home.

margo said...

KC, what series have you been watching?
Cuddy is doing just fine.
He's batting .375 with a double and a stolen base.

Katie said...

Margo~I guess more specifically I should have said last nights game.