Thursday, April 15, 2010

What You See...

I am no doctor, but I have heard/read reports that when Jose Mijares went to the eye doctor towards the end of spring training, it was diagnosed that the problem he was having was due to cataracts. Now I know it is no simple process of getting rid of cataracts, but correct me if I am wrong. If you are in a profession that you have to be able to see, would you not want to keep your eyes healthy and in top shape? When it starts to cost your team wins and leads, it's time to step up and get the shit fixed. It's just frustrating when you hear that "so and so" is coming in to pitch and you cringe. That's what I do when I hear Jose is coming in.

I have to laugh, last night I ragged on 3 guys for their lack-luster performance during yesterdays game and I almost feel as though those guys were online doing some reading of blogs and realized how upset some of us fans were with them. Today you had Punto with 3 hits, Justin with 3 hits, Cuddy with 2 hits (one for a home run), Denard had 2 hits. All around the bats were swinging by all but one guy and that was Joe, but that's for a different post.

By the way these guys were playing today you would think they all got their asses chewed last night after the stuff they pulled yesterday and I think Boston was thinking today's game was going to be a piece of cake. But we pulled the wool over their eyes that's for sure! Everyone loves a shut out! I also just like how the team has been playing as a whole. They have won 3 series in a row and seem to have a pretty positive attitude so far in the season and I for one, love it!

With that home run Cuddy's Skittle count is at -3 :-)

Tomorrow we have Timmy against the reigning American League Cy Young winner Zach Grienke, we've bet him once, we can do it again!

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Heidi said...

cataracts are for old people... and apparently jose mijares. that's unfortunate.