Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tale of the Blackbeard

I could start this post with "Once upon a time..." but that's a little too cliche for me. The excitement of getting a ticket to the home opener was enough to keep me awake for the entire game last night (not sure that will happen again tonight, but we shall see). It would have been nice if they would have maybe broken it up a bit with today being a day game, but I am not in charge of scheduling so we just have to make the best of it.

It was nice to see our good friend Nick Blackburn back on the mound for his first game of the season and he seemed to be in fine form. I like to think the beard is still working for him and as long as he keeps it trimmed, we'll be okay. If not he'll end up on the "list" like Matty G did last night. Overall I was impressed with our pitching last night. Still trying to get used to Rauch as the closer and yes I did watch him pitch even though it pained me that it was him and not Nate.

All of my co-workers yesterday were pegging the Twins to lose again last night with Nicks' record against LA, but I was trying to keep a glimmer of hope that he would pull out a win and he did. It was nice coming in this morning and telling everyone "I told you so". I've learned my lesson to never count this time out, especially this early in the season. It's game two people, cut them some slack.

It was a night for the J's last night, with Joe, Justin, and JJ going long for the team. I wasn't home for Joe's and I missed JJ's (and the DVR wouldn't let me rewind to see it) but I was able to see Justin's and it's nice seeing this kind of ball again. I've read a few articles where people have said the Twins can't play the long ball, oh yes we can, they can play both long and small ball. We did it last season and we'll do it again this season.

Oh and before I forget, what is with the BS calls already this season? Cuddy was safe by a mile at second last night when the ump called him out. I know it's only game two, but I thought all the umps took refresher classes or something during the off season after all the screwed up calls last season. It's a little too early for this nonsense if you ask me.

I thought the rally monkey's were silly last season, but last night took the cake with the snuggies. Don't get me wrong, kuddos to them for setting the record and the fans had fun with it, but maybe it's just me. I don't get the whole thing with the snuggie, lol.

Perhaps they need snuggies for the rally monkeys? But then again, please no, that might be a bit too much.

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Topper said...

Ugh, Angels snuggies haunt my dreams!