Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Big Crain-Wreck

I was going to wait and do this after today's game, but I have a few minutes at work before the owner comes in for a meeting so why not do it now?

I have never seen such a blunder of a game in my life. Bad outings by two guys I didn't think would have bad outings, Timmy and Patty. And a shitty outing by Jesse Crain. As soon as he came in last night I made the comment that "this game is over". I don't trust him, never have and never will. Period. I would love to send him back to Rochester and either call up Slama or Manship.

I understand these guys can't win every series, but when you have a lead like we did, it reminds me too much of the Oakland game from last season.

And then we have Denard. It has not been his series. First getting ejected from the game for "dismissively" waving off the home plate umpire and then last nights call *shakes head* I'm sorry but I don't care how many times they have to replay that, that my friends was an out. How long did he have to keep that ball in his glove? 5 minutes?

Apparently the umps still feel bad for Detroit after game 163 last year and felt they needed a "gimmie" win almost cause I think that game would have ended a lot differently if that call had been made correctly.

I do have one highlight from last nights game, well two if you include Cuddy trying to go deep twice last night (he gets a +1 on the skittle count for effort), but Luke Hughes home run was incredible! It wouldn't have happened for a better person. I'm just happy he got the ball back after. I was worried he wouldn't after Ordonez gave it to that kid.

My one question, can we please keep Luke up here? Can't Alexi go back to Rochester??


Danielle said...

I am still freaking out about Luke's HR....I'm so happy for him!!

Katie said...

Did you get to see the video of it?