Sunday, April 04, 2010

And So It Begins

First and foremost I want to wish everyone that reads this a very Happy Easter (if you celebrate it that is).

Secondly, baseball season has begun. The Spank-mes and Boston play tonight (not that we really care about either of those teams in Twins Territory) but tomorrow night our boys take the field in LA for the first official game of the season. Won't lie, it sucks that we have to play at 9 at night for the first 4 games, but I will suck it up and "take one for the team".

But before the season actually starts Betsy (For The Love Of The Game) and I were lucky enough to get tickets for yesterdays exhibition game from a co-worker of my dads. We had beautiful seats and it was a gorgeous day for outside baseball. It was a little chilly sitting down the first base side (where we were) and we sat with sweatshirts on for a good part of the day while a few people we knew that were on the third base side were talking about getting sunburned.

The layout of the field reminds me a lot of Kauffman after last season going to two games down there. It's nice to see how open it is and to me it looks like there really isn't a bad seat in the house, but time will tell since I have seats to different games in different areas of the stadium. The layout is so pretty as you will see from a few of my pictures.

Sneak Peak

As for the game, it was a good game yesterday. There is nothing better then seeing the guys win the first game I was at in a new stadium. Being able to see Kevin finally pitch was the second highlight of my day :) Seeing Joe and Cuddy get a home run was the third highlight of my day. Yes I suppose it is fair to say that Cuddy's skittle count has begun for the season. I would have liked to have seen Pat Neshek pitch, but knowing he pitching Friday night I knew the chances of seeing him would be slim.

Now onto the pictures:

This is the spot where Betsy and I played "tourist" a few months back

The bull pen backpack this season is Chewy from Stars Wars

I was excited that my first game in Target Field was Kevin pitching

Everyone was having a good time with Dinkelman lol

One of my favorite views from the walk around

Yes we had to "stalk" the bullpen

Harmon Killebrew statue

Be sure to check out Betsy's blog at For The Love Of The Game for more pictures and recap of the game.


Danielle said...

Brian Dinkelman! I'm excited to see what he can do here (in Rochester) this season...

Katie said...

Everyone was having a good time with him at that game lol He made a great catch in right and the crowd started chanting his last name :)