Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's Going To Be A Heartache Tonight

I heard the song on my radio after the game and figured it'd be appropriate for any White Sox fans after tonight's game, in all reality I was really thinking of the Sux fans that Betsy and I had to sit by tonight. The old lady kept giving us dirty looks every time we would do our "Anti-AJ" cheers. It actually made them more fun :)

Betsy and I also had the chance to meet up with Topper tonight before the game started. It was great to get to meet another reader of my blog and a fellow blogger :) Everyone make sure to check out his blog! Also everyone make sure to check out Betsy's blog when she posts it for more adventures from tonight before the game :-)

I had all intentions of coming home after tonight's game and going on and on about how amazing Jeff Manship pitched tonight and how proud I was of him for doing such a great job. For being his first major league game as a starter, he went out there and to me looked like he was made for that position. To have 4 shut out innings is pretty impressive. Good job Jeff!

All I have to say is this about Michael Cuddyer, he is a freakin' rock star! Cuddy's 2 home runs (bringing his Skittle count so far to 5, I'm buying him like the 5 pound bag to take to Unplugged in two weeks, Betsy dared me to do it so I will) were one of the major highlights of the night. I don't care who wants to say he needs to be gone, I will fully admit right now, the day Michael Cuddyer is no longer a Twin, I will probably cry lol He is by far my favorite player.

Now laugh if you will, but during the bottom of the 9th with two on and two out, Betsy and I were basically yelling for them to bring in Jose, aka, the White Sux Killer! Can I just say, now, for the record, I want him here full time next season. He's incredible and amazing and I really wanna meet him in person. He is earning so many brownie points this season with what he's been able to do again the Sux and other teams too as a pinch hitter. I think a few people left the game tonight with a new appreciation of Mr. Morales, although most of us already know what he's capable of. Way to go out there and get us another fantastic walk-off win!!

Way to keep us all on our toes again tonight guys... you have a way of bringing us all to the edge of our seats!

Betsy being a "tourist" we weren't loitering at all :)

I wasn't photo stalking Jeff Manship at all ;-)

The White Sux Killer!

See? Not at all!

There were a couple of the White Sux players that "got Denarded"

The man of the hour!! Yay Cuddy!!!

It's JGG, the Jolly Green Giant!

The easy distraction... I mean Joe Nathan


Topper said...

Great pictures! It was great meeting you too!

I was thrilled when I saw Jose make his way towards the batter's box! There were definitely some older people around me after the game saying "Geez, who is this Morales guy? Why can't we get him some more playing time?"

Katie said...

I'd love it if Jose got more playing time, but he's been doing really as a pinch hitter this year. Hopefully next year we'll see more of him!