Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baseball Unplugged & More

I figured I better do this now since 1) it's an off day and 2) I'll be down in the cities all weekend and won't have time to do my Detroit recap until Sunday when I get home from the game.

First and foremost... way to go guys with sweeping the Tribe! We're gaining little by little and Kansas City decided to help us out with taking 2 out of 3 against Detroit putting us 4 games outta first with the Tigers coming to town this weekend. Normally I would say one game at a time, but this is do or die time, meaning wins are a must.

I need to give props to Timmy and Blackie for their good starts the last two games. As our dear friend Bert says "starting pitching is key" which I strongly believe right now. Cuddy was back in his rock star form this past series earning back his Skittles, which were finally paid up last night at Baseball Unplugged. The video can be seen here.

There really isn't much for me to recap from this series other than the sweep, which was already covered so now I'll just show you pictures from the game and Baseball Unplugged.

Strech Kubes, stretch!

Cuddy at first!

Apparently Joe and I are still fighting because I had to sit in my seat with my head down for the last out of the game since he couldn't get it.

Cuddy's little one... He's so cute and did not like it when he couldn't see Daddy.

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