Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Time Is Slipping Away

Before I get into the heart of tonight's post, I want to take a minute and invite everyone to participate in a wonderful thing that K-Bro is doing for the month of September. She is donating 2 items to the local food shelf for every Twins win and 1 item for every Detroit loss. I myself am taking part in it in hopes to help out the local food shelf. Hopefully the Twins will help us out a little and put a few more wins on the board. It's a great idea, so please help out where you can.


Tonight was just another chapter in the disappointment section of the Twins season this year. You could think that as a Twins fan, one would be used to it after the season that we've had, but it never does seem to get easier. The disappointment/heartbreak section of this seasons yearbook is going to triumph over the happy sections. I was so hoping for the win tonight with Brian on the mound. I'm just happy he didn't take the loss.

There really isn't much to talk about from the last two games other than the fact Justin and Cuddy finally snapped their o-for whatever streaks they were on. Cuddy is well on his way to losing whatever Skittles I promised him. We'll see how he does between now and next Wednesday when I go to Baseball Unplugged.

What I've really wanted to discuss in my blog for the last couple days, but I just haven't gotten around to it, is the whiner, Glen Perkins.

Apparently Glen and his agent are talking about filing a grievance against the Twins because they didn't call him back up today after the Rochester Red Wings season came to an end yesterday. As many know Glen was put on the 15-day DL with an elbow strain. He was recently activated and was told to report to Rochester to do some rehab. Glen said he wanted a third opinion from a different doctor, of course receiving the same results as he received from the other two. But by the time the dye had cleared his system so he could pitch the Wings season was over.

Let him file his grievance. In my opinion he shouldn't be called back up or be let back on the roster because of all the complaining he's done. We need guys up here that are willing to work hard and do what they are told. If he wouldn't even go to Rochester for rehab without whining, what the hell would he do when he got back up to the Majors and just sat on the bench? I was telling Betsy, I never have said I want a player to leave the organization, I didn't even say that with Frankie when he was pitching like crap. But they could say tomorrow Glen had been traded and I'd be fine with it.

I hear the Chicago White Sux are full of whiners... perhaps he'd be a good fit in there.


Topper said...

Glen Perkins is delusional. I'd take Duensing, Manship or Swarzak over him in a heartbeat.

Katie said...

My ideal starting rotation for next year would look something like this:


But the chances of that happening are slim lol

Heidi said...

that ideal starting rotation of yours is super attractive.

Katie said...

Isn't it though? lol