Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Step At A Time

Ok as much as it pains me to say it is, thank you to Ozzie and those damn White Sox for beating Detroit last night. I never thought the day would come that I'd actually have to cheer for those damn Sox but if it means a playoff trip for the Twins then that's what I'll do. To me cheering for the Sox is like cheering for the Yankees, I just can't do it. But since it's for the love of our Twins, I'll do it and just bit my tongue lol

Once again Cuddy showed us all what a rock star he really is. He has a thing about the K and hitting home runs there. Cuddy has been a beast lately and I love it! He has really stepped it up lately and it trying so hard to carry this team and remind the guys that we're still in this. We still stand a chance.

I won't lie, I wish I was down there for this series again. It's a beautiful ballpark. I can't wait for the series down there next season, cause plans are already made so I can go down again next season to see my best friend and see some more outdoor baseball at the K.

We can taste it guys. It's within our grasps. If there was ever a time to prove the critics wrong it's now. As Gardy would say, one game at a time, but right now we need every game we can. Which also means we need Detroit to lose every game they can.

Hey Chicago, we know you hate us (or at least hate our bubble), but maybe, just maybe you'll help us out a little and beat Detroit again. And maybe, if you're lucky, if the situation is ever reversed we'll be willing to help you out (that's a pretty big maybe though).

Tonight we have Timmy on the mound. You guys know what you have to do. Go out there and get it done.


Heidi said...

I watched the white sux game last night, or most of it. and I was totally yelling "I love you, Gordon Beckham!" It was a moment of great shame, but if it means good things for the Twins, I'm willing to cheer.

Katie said...

At least you didn't yell, "I love you, AJ!" lol