Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Don't Wanna Fight Anymore

After a disappointing game on Friday night (I don't think the work disappointing covers it, heartbreaking is more like it), today's beautiful performance from Brian Duensing made up for it. I think a few people around us were starting to get nervous when Brian had a couple guys on base, but I knew he could get out of it, I've seen him do it before.

Betsy and I were troopers and actually stayed for the whole game on Friday night in hopes that maybe, just maybe they could rally enough to comeback and win the game, they rallied, just not enough. I'm not sure what's up with Nick, but apparently he didn't like our little tribute that was set up down by the bullpen (I'm letting Betsy fill everyone in on that one). We felt like we were at the home run derby during that game. Last time I checked that was in July... not September.

I don't wanna dwell on the what could/should have been from this weekend; what I wanna focus on is the game today. Like I said, it was a beautiful performance from Duensing. I felt bad for him though because when they were announcing the line-ups before the game, there was maybe only a handful of people that cheered for him :-( of course when he started getting strike outs everyone was cheering for him.

I would like to officially announce that Joe Nathan and I are no longer fighting! I did get a little nervous when he started warming up in the 9th because I didn't wanna see the shutout get thrown out the window for Brian cause he deserved that. When he made it through the first batter, I thought "Okay, this might be ok." And when the batter got the base hit, then made it to second, and then third on the wild pitch, I really got nervous. But when he got the last guy swinging, I figured it was safe to say we're not fighting anymore.

I'm just glad we didn't get swept at home again, I don't think I could have handled that in person.

First I'll start with pictures from Friday night:

"Look I can fly!"


Super Span

Bobby Keppel signing autographs for the kids

Duck and cover! Incoming!

Now today's game:

Skyler and I before the game

Skyler thought he needed to fill in for Morneau since he didn't play.

Uh... GoGo, that's kinda inappropriate don't you think?

The Rocket

Justin Huber... the newbie.

Now it's time to face Cleveland... can we please get back on a winning streak guys?


Topper said...

glad you guys have made up! Hopefully Cuddy gets jealous and keeps increasing his skittle count.

Katie said...

Cuddy's still got 3 days to make up for it... if he gets his magic back we'll be okay.