Thursday, September 10, 2009

Half Full or Half Empty

So this series could have ended a whole lot worse than it did today. Today's game was a close one and besides the four walks he gave up, I thought Timmy did a good job. It could have went either way and the cards just didn't fall our way... again. That seems to be happening a lot these last few games. It all comes down to the same thing, blown chances, missed saves, pitchers that don't know what they are supposed to do or bats that just aren't swinging.

In last nights game though, Cuddy, once again, proved what a rock star he is and got a pinch hit double! Time and time again he amazes me with what he can do, now if he can just keep doing that and get some more home runs, he'll get his Skittle count back up there, lol. I also thought Pavano did a good job out pitching Doc, even if Doc did go all 9 innings, our guy still came up with the win. It was also nice to see Justin finally get out of his home run slump and knock number 30 out of the park along with racking up his 100th RBI.

I would also like to give mad props to Kansas City for helping us out a little with walking all over Detroit since Tampa Bay couldn't help us :( It's nice to know someone might be willing to help us out when we can't seem to help ourselves. Next on the docket for Detroit... Toronto. Wanna help us a little guys?

I'm guessing Nathan and I are still fighting. Last night when he pitched I turned the game off in hopes that he'd have a 1-2-3 inning, seeing how the last time I listened/watched him pitch the whole game came unraveled in one inning. Hopefully he gets over this soon, I know I'm over it, I would like to be able to watch him pitch again before the end of the season! Betsy said it's because I "turn him off" that we're still fighting, I beg to differ :-)

It's time to come home guys. Betsy and I will be there tomorrow night to cheer you on in hopes of a win :)


Betsy said...

you really need to tell joe nathan tomorrow night you don't want to fight anymore. :)

Katie said...

I will tell Joe tomorrow night I don't wanna fight anymore. I don't like fighting with Joe :(

Topper said...

Making me jealous. Enjoy the game. Have fun. I won't be there.

Katie said...

We'll miss you! We'll make sure and cheer extra for you ;-)