Sunday, September 06, 2009

The End Is In Sight

First off thanks to Topper for getting me my own Joe Mauer on a stick since 1) I wasn't at the game they were giving them away at and 2) I won't be able to make it to the state fair. He may just be taken into work and put in my office somewhere to freak my manager out ;-)

Since I wasn't home/didn't see much of the games this weekend I don't have much to comment on other than it seemed to be another weekend of missed opportunities. It gets harder and harder to watch a team that you know can play so much better than what they have been sucking game after game after game.

You have Justin, who need to get his ass in gear if he wants another MVP, who during today's game was 0 for 18 and Cuddy who was 0 for 15. Obviously I wonder how much of Justin's issue has to do with the inner ear infection he had earlier and he just came back too soon or if he's in his "September Slump" like he was this time last season.

Cuddy's no is not the time to have a slump. We all know what Cuddy is capable of... hello two home runs in one inning! Could we please do that again Mr. Cuddyer, you're already losing Skittle.

Obviously yes, everyone goes through them, it just seems the guys on our team go through them more than most or they just last longer. Joe Nathan seems to be in his right now as well. It doesn't work to have this happen in September when you have to try and make that push into the post season.

Plus we can't rely on teams to help us out any either, although this weekend I was hoping Jason Bartlett and the Tampa Bay Rays would help us out a little in beating Detriot a couple games, but apparently they didn't wanna help us as Detriot swept them.

The only positive from the entire weekend was Timmy Baker and win number 12 on the season. There is an article on the Twins site about this, but it was announced during the Pittsburg/Cards game today (we are at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the game and they had that game on) that Timmy has now won 11 of his last decisions.

As much as I hate to say it, with only 26 games left and for as tough as the teams are we have coming in or going to... I think any wishes we had of a post season are over.


Topper said...

You're welcome!

Wow, Tampa Bay sucks (sorry Jason and Matt). Maybe once I leave Minnesota things will be right again for our team again...

Katie said...

They seem to suck no matter who's here. That's why I said, for as much as I hate to say it... someone has stuck a fork in our season.

Heidi said...

the pastor I work with is a die hard tigers fan...he's enjoying my misery right now.

Katie said...

Heidi - one of the guys I work with is originally from Detroit so I know I'm going to hear about it tomorrow. He likes to rub it in.