Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bring Out The Brooms!

That's right, the Twins swept the Sux, in the South Side no less. We're still 2.5 games back since Cleveland has obviously given up for the season, but I'm holding onto a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe the Tribe will pull whatever is stuck up their ass out and figure out how to play baseball again.

I love seeing our guys sweep a team, but there is something special and kinda funny when the guys sweep Chicago. I'm not sure if it's watching AJ piss and moan and complain about everything not going his way or what. I figured for sure after those couple stolen bases, that he would go back in the dug out and whine so he wouldn't have to finish the game. It seems to be AJ's way.

I always find it funny how no matter how many times these teams play the Twins at home and they always play that Walks Will Haunt animation, they still walk our guys and in the end it haunts them. Tonight was the prime example, they walked the White Sux killer and in the end he scored anyway. Not that I'm bitching, keep walking our guys and the runs will continue to come.
I strongly believe that after his performance tonight, Brian Duensing has earned his spot in the starting rotation for next year. So many people or journalist have said he needs more seasoning, really how much more seasoning does he need then what he's getting right now pitching in a race for the division title? I know tonight may have not been his best night on the mound, but he's proven in his last few starts he knows what he's doing and he's got what it takes to be a starter.

Enjoy your day off guys, Denard rest up, we want you back in the lead off spot on Friday. All the fans can taste it guys, as we all know you can too. Go out there and go after it :)


Topper said...

I'm not sure if he's earned it quite yet but he's certainly made a case for it. If he can close out the year with two more decent starts then he should be a shoe in.

Either way he'll at least be competitive for that spot, depending on what we decide to do with Perkins and how healthy Slowey is. Those should be the deciding factors.

Heidi said...

In AJ's defense (did I just say that?) it definitely wasn't a strike. I can understand why he was upset.
That being said, yay Twins!

Katie said...

Topper - I think he's close to having earned his spot. I think he's surprised a lot of people with how he's pitched.

Heidi - that's what one of my co-workers said this morning when he came in the office. I, of course, didn't see it, but I heard all about it.