Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Again Joe? Seriously?

Before I get into the game...

The disappointment from today's game, at least for me, became anger after reading a message on Twitter from the Star Tribune's Joe Christensen about Paul Konerko.

"Classic (Konerko). After the game, flipped his cap off as he walked into the clubhouse and said, 'We own this place'.''

Last time I checked the White Sox record in the dome wasn't that great (5-19 in their last 24 to be direct) and they were all crying and ready to leave. And my gosh, they come back and win a game and they own the fucking Dome. As far as I'm concerned I'm glad it's the last time they are going to be here this year because I was getting tired of listening to Ozzie cry about how much he hates the Dome... same goes for AJ.


Onto the game...

It sucks that we lost because I was tasting a sweep of those idiots again like you wouldn't believe. I think today's loss hurt more than the loss did in Oakland earlier this season. I think my heart was in my toes when Nathan gave up the home run to tie the game. Don't get me wrong, I love Joe Nathan, but it hurts when I start thinking I don't want him to come into a game and it's coming to that point. I know I used some language that might not be work appropriate when the game was tied up, and I really know I used language I shouldn't have when the Sox took the lead.

Joe, we still love you... some of us just don't like you very much right now. Just please, please, please figure it out and soon. I miss watching you come out and scare the crap outta the guys at the plate. I wanna be able to use "Fear The Nathan" again and right now the fans are fearing the Nathan instead of the guys at the plate.

I don't wanna spend the whole post this time dwelling on what could have been (more like what should have been) because there was an amazing pitching performance today from Brian Duensing. I strongly feel as though both he and Jeff Manship should be tops candidates for the starting rotation for the 2010 season, I'm sure everyone knows the two that they would replace ;-)

Duensing went 7 shut out innings with 7 strike outs and only 5 hits. He did amazing against the Sox today like he did when he pitched against them in his first major league start back in July. He's been proving time and time again he deserves to be here in the majors. He may have only had 88 pitches in today's game, but 59 of those were strikes. Amazing job today Brian!!

Both he and the White Sox Killer seem to know how to handle Chicago... now if only our closer could take notes.

I know we still have three more games against the Sox this month in the South Side, but all I have to say to them is don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Topper said...

Wow, Konerko is an ass. Sox and their fans are trashy (offense intended).

Heidi said...

that just made me hate paul konerko a lot. and I didn't hate him before.

Katie said...

A lot of people are saying he did it as a joke, but after yesterday's loss and then saying that, it pissed me off even if he was joking.